“The Body is The  Vessel of the Soul”   Dalai Lama

It is an answer to the need to come back to our senses. To discover the depth of being through exploring the gifts the body has in opening us in awareness to conscious awakened state.

Zohar bodywork is in-depth bodywork. It is somatically grounded, it communicates by gentle touch over the body, a deep connection by loving presence and verbal exchange. This unique and effective way of both touch and verbal exchange reaches for the innermost self beneath the layers. This “talk” to the body creates relaxation that reveals underlying emotional dilemmas and old habitual patterns of holding. It assists the person to shed limited concepts of the physical self. It helps in discovering the true body, a vast and mysterious expanse of awareness that exceeds the habitual and limited “me”. It creates an inner space that allows the breath to expand from the inside, followed by release of held muscular tensions, buried emotions, and trapped energies. The result is body vitality, mind clarity and deep insights. We become aware of who we are, with a deeper meaning of existence, a contact with an inner essence that means we can act and express ourselves from a mindful presence.

In Zohar bodywork each session is an open gate of giving and receiving. The contact that is created is one of deepest connection and trust. It seems to open channels of love on both sides. Both client and practitioner enter a field of awareness, curiosity, and inquiry.

Zohar session lasts 45 minutes to an hour. The client lies covered on a massage table. The focus of the session is on specific areas of muscular tension and held breath. Using her hands, the practitioner listens and contacts the layers of tension in the body. The gentle contact facilitates relaxation.. The practitioner uses words to direct the client’s awareness inwards and invite a dialogue to support the shifts.

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