Path of the priestess a Sacred Women’s Circle

5 Monthly gathering start on Sunday February 25, March 25, April 29, May 27, June 24 2018 , New York City

 In a time of great upheaval a new vision has to be birthed, a dream of a new reality out of confusion and fragmentation. We women are the leaders of our world. We are co- creators with the Divine. Let us gather the fragments. Let us weave a tapestry of our collective Hearts’ Vision. Let us weave the Sacred Feminine and follow Her fierce guidance.

  • Weave our energy to embody the energy of Nature and the Earth
  • Weave our gifts to create the tapestry of offerings
  • Weave understanding of the “dark night of the soul” as spiritual initiation
  • Weave our personal vision to become the collective Sacred Feminine Vision
  • Weave the Sacred Feminine into our lives

Come share this journey with a community of women in a safe and nurturing environment. Bring your voice, your gifts and your sincere and honest desire for a new reality, a new vision for your life and the life of humanity.

  Become a Priestess of the heart and join other women in a monthly gathering. Let us open the gate, holds hands and walk together on the Path of The Divine Feminine. 

 Dina Kushnir: High Priestess, artist, healer, visionary and spiritual guide, Dina weaves the energy of the Sacred Feminine with deep intuition and insight. She shares her gifts empowering spiritual growth and evolution of consciousness. Dina believes that women are the leaders for our time of great change and awakening.

 Call for more information 914-924-1145, or write to

 When:  Start on Sunday February 25, March 25, April 29, May 27, June 24 2018

Place: NYC TBA

 Cost $200 for the each Sunday paid before Feb 12 2018, through PayPal to Family and friends on the site

 Bring lunch to share and comfortable clothing to move and sit in meditation

 Space is limited to 12 women; please register before Feb 12 2018 

 After registration you will get more details for the day and for the continuations of the work.


Integration of Body Wisdom as a Practice of Happiness

Daily Life as an Art Process

The degree that mind is conscious the mundane and the sacred are not separate. (Chol/kodesh)

Every act in our daily lives needs to be approached with reverence and sacredness. Every daily act is meaningful; it can be done from a place of ritual. Ritual is that act that is made with awareness, when one is fully conscious and fully mindful. Each act holds the potential for awakening; each act is a seed for divine connection, divine consciousness.

Drop into Being coming back to your body senses

Add dimension into your life, learn to savor each sense, as it was the first time you are experiencing it. Examine moment by moment the fundamental meditative question “who am I” and with a beginner’s mind come back to your senses, the only way to know the world is to know yourself.

An experiential course in somatic understanding

A coursework of theory and practice, this is integrated somatic program for mental health professionals’ psychotherapists and counselors. Call to schedule consultation.


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