Hiking in the Desert

This journey was  a Priestess’s Shamanic Journey to the ancient and modern Land of Israel. Our theme was the Sacred Feminine and Her many face through times and space. 

 “Water” is the Feminine element, Emotional Intelligence and  purification. Her tears washes hearts, her power is in her softness that penetrate deep into every crack of our being. In a land that is mostly desert we will experience the “Sacred Water” in ritual of purification and communion with the water as part of our Journey. 

We  started with blessings of the water in Mary’s Spring in Jerusalem, the  Jordan river, the Sea of Galilee,  the Mediterranean sea, initiation in desert water falls, immersed ourselves in Mud-Bath and float in the Dead Sea. By the time we left it rained for 10 days nonstop, unheard of in November in this smi-desert land.

Monday October31 arriving into Ben-Gurion airport in Tel-Aviv around 9:00Am


Mary’s spring in Ein-Karem for “the sacred water” blessings and water ritual.



Arriving to the Clerisies monastery a magical monastery of Sisters from the Franciscan Order, 5 minute walking distance from the Old City. We will listen to their singing and use a little kitchen for our convenience.

This will be our base for the next 3 nights

The theme in Jerusalem and Jerusalem area is to find HER and walk in HER footsteps.

 Day 3 Tuesday November 1st (11/1/11)

  Day 4 Wed November 2nd (11/2/11)

  Day 5 Thursday November 3rd  (11/3/11)

The first three days we spend exploring the magic of Jerusalem  and its surrounding area.

Walking in the footsteps of 5000 years of history our guide Ze’ev will introduce us to the ancient history, underground tunnels, sacred sites and sacred mountains. We will visit Bethlehem and enjoy old markets and Feminine Sacred ground on mount Zion and mount Olive.

We begin in Jerusalem  with the inspiring panoramic view of the Old City from the Mount of Olives. From here it is a short walk to Dominus Flevit and then a walk (or drive) to the Church of All Nations and the Garden of Gethsemane. Continue to the Temple Mount, scene of Abraham’s offering of Isaac today marked by the Dome of the Rock.

Then, it’s on to the Western Wall, revered as Judaism most sacred site as the last remnant of the Second Temple.

Western Wall Tunnels At the Southern Wall Excavations, walk on the original two thousand-year old street and climbing the ancient steps that Jesus and the disciples probably also climbed. At the Davidson Center, in the basement of an eighth-century-CE palace, look into the possibility of seeing its virtual-reconstruction, high-definition interactive model, and enjoy the high-definition film open to all visitors that depicts ancient pilgrimage to the Temple in a unique way.

Next, visit the City of David, where Jerusalem became David’s capital some 3,000 years ago. See the Visitors Center, with its excavations of the First Temple Period, Warren’s Shaft and the ancient water system built by King Hezekiah to protect the city’s water supply from the Assyrians.

Continue to Mount Zion, to visit the  Church of St. Peter in Gallicantu, where Peter denied Jesus, King David’s Tomb, the Room of the Last Supper and the Church of the Dormition – where by Catholic tradition Mary fell in to eternal sleep.

Early morning travel to the Northern part of Israel with stops on the way for lunch and site seeing.

Day 6 Friday November 4th  (11/4/11)

Day 7 Saturday November 5th (11/5/11)

 Day 8th-Sunday November 6th

Staying at Maale Tzvia- http://www.maalezvia.org.il/(It is in Hebrew, you can enjoy the pictures)

A spiritual community that is based on the philosophy of living in harmony with Mother Nature.

Day 6 Friday November 4th  (11/4/11)

Leaving Jerusalem, to Tel Megiddo.  Home to a palace and walls of Solomon, a complex water system built by King Ahab, scene of Armageddon and believed to be the backdrop for Leon Uris’ novel “The Source,” Megiddo is one of Israel’s most important and impressive archaeological sites, also a World Heritage Site.  We will visit Goddess Sacred sites in Megiddo.

The Sacred Water of the North in Modern Israel include the Jordan River and the Sea of Galilee. We will swim in the waters, and the history, of the Sea of Galilee, Bath in the Jordan River in pursuit of a personal communion with the Sacred Water. In the Golan Heights we will share sunset in the biggest ancient stone circle and night bathing in the hot spring of El-Chama.

Day 7  Saturday November 5th (11/5/11)

The ancient city of Aco-the gardens of the Bahai, Nazareth and Mount Tabor,Druz sacred sites.

Day 8  Sunday November 6th

A day of immersion in the mystical Kabala in the ancient city of Tzfat, in Mount Mairon visits the tombs of Jewish mystics  and visit to Druz village.

Staying in Maale Tzvia, leaving in the morning to Tel-Aviv. We are staying on the beach for one night.

Day 9 Monday November 7th (11/7/11)

 A day of civilization, art and shopping in the city that does not sleep.

Wander through the lands of ancient Jaffa and enjoy the galleries, the underground archaeological display and the picturesque fishing port.

Proceed to Neve Tsedek, the first Jewish neighborhood outside ancient Jaffa. Neve Tsedek is the home of the Suzanne Dellal Centre for Dance and Theatre, the world-famous Bat Sheva Dance Company and a number of restored homes and shops with interesting architecture.

Speaking of architecture, in July 2003, UNESCO proclaimed the cluster of homes and public buildings of Tel Aviv’s founding days as a World Heritage Site. A stroll through the main area of these monuments, known as the “White City,” along Rothschild Blvd. and its side streets is a wonderful opportunity to savor life in the first Hebrew city, past and present.  Enjoy the nightlife of a city that never sleeps.

Our guide will be Miki Banai my sister the artist and Art historian. 

Traditional dinner in Tel-Aviv or at my mother’s.

Overnight in Tel Aviv on the beach.

Day 10 November 8th (11/8/11)

Day 11November 9th (11/9/11)

Day 12 November 10th (11/10/11)

Day 13 November 11th (1/11/11)

The next few days we will be immersed in the desert-culture staying in “Zman-Midbar” (desert time) Oasis, a place that holds the Sacred Feminine  and work with Her energies. A special  earth-dome Sanctuary will be our space for meditation.

http://www.zmanmidbar.net/ (Click on the American flag for English)

Day 10 November 8th (11/8/11)

Morning rest on the beach in Tel-Aviv with art market  optional, after lunch leaving to the desert.

Drive northeast to the Dead Sea, to explore Qumran caves, Hariton & Garismus monasteries and Wadi Kelt.

Over night at ”Zman Midbar”

Day 11 November 9th (11/9/11)

After breakfast and meditation in the “Earth Dome”  we will walk to Ein-Gedi Desert Oasis with bathing in the spring at the end.  if there is time we will continue to Massadda scene of epic stand by Jewish rebels at the end of the great revolt against Rome nearly 2,000 years ago. The new museum at the visitors’ center reveals the secrets of the daily lives of the rebels, tells the story of the excavations, and shows why the site became one of Israel’s most important symbols.

over night at Zman-Midbar”

Day 12 November 10th (11/10/11)

After breakfast and meditation at the earth dome, walking in the desert with lunch and rest “desert stile” arriving in the evening to Suleiman Bedouin campground with authentic shepherd meal and entertainment.

Over night in Suleiman tents.

Day 13 November 11th (1/11/11)

After authentic breakfast spending the day walking in the desert back to “Zman-Midbar”

Day 14 November 12 (11/12/11)

After breakfast and rest in Zman Midbar we will spend few hours in mud bath (optional-massages) in the Dead Sea with blessing of the water again. leaving to the air port and stoping for dinner on the way.

Leaving close to midnight and arriving on the 13th early morning to Newark.



Peru June 13-28-2010



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