It is our role as women of the 21st century to awaken and embody Her, the Sacred Feminine, the Divine Self dwelling within our body, mind, emotion and spirit. It is the time to go on a vision quest and together in dreamtime to dream the dream of the Sacred Feminine 

This is a healing journey of awakening and empowerment, a journey to the mystery of the Sacred Feminine. She is the mystery of Nature and the Infinite Intelligence behind it, She is the One Life and One Being Who Dwells within each of us, She is Divine Source.

Supported by compassionate and wise counsel of the community, each woman will explore her personal quest and dream. Exploring the seven aspects of “Self in the Body” with issues such as: relationship, intimacy, creativity, self-confidence, intuition, vision, energy, and the power to manifest through the Feminine Spiritual Principles.  Each woman as a single thread weaves her personal story and dream with her sisters to create an embroidered tapestry of Our/Her collective Divine Feminine Image.

Dreaming The Divine Feminine to heal and restore the sacred balance of body mind heart and spirit, to bring a vision of beauty and harmony, alignment for the highest potential of the human race with harmonious relationships with all life on this blessed Mother Earth.

Space is limited to 12 women

The program starts in October 2017 and end in May 2018

Dates TBA 

We start  with a weekend in October and end with a weekend in May at a retreat place at “Olive Oasis” in the Catskill Mountains

During the year we meet once a month on Sunday at “Zohar Center” in Nyack NY 

All of the themes are grounded in the seven Chakras and working with the energy of Divine Mother.

First weekend in Olive Oasis:  We start the journey with introducing the seven energy system in the body, the seven Chakras with their respective emotional mental spiritual influences on our being.

Once a month we will work in-depth with one Chakra exploring the depth of it in our being. In between time of gathering each woman will have her personal journey with that aspect. She will keep a journal, write her dreams and practice guided spiritual practices to help her on her vision quest.

Last weekend in Olive Oasis will be the weaving our dreams and visions to create the Image of the Sacred Feminine with qualities of gratitude, forgiveness, compassion, generosity, loving kindness and unconditional love.

employing art, movement, meditations, imagery, sharing, process work, ritual, ceremonies and the creative moment by moment unfolding of our community.

Cost: TBA

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