Dina Kushnir is a BodyMind Practitioner and Educator. She combines her artistic expression with her intense interest in wisdom teachings and spirituality. Dina’s training as a dancer opened the door for her study of various body-mind healing modalities. She has an interdisciplinary masters degree in dance, physical education, and music from Oregon State University (1984). The interest in the Body-Mind connection led Dina to embark on training in the Rosen Method Bodywork receiving her certification as a practitioner in the fall of 1992 and a workshop teacher at 2007.  In 2011 Dina got her Feldenkrais Teacher Certificate and her Practitioner Certificate June 2013. Her teaching now include “awareness through movement” classes.

Her work is enhanced by her comprehensive Reiki training, in which she has achieved the level of Master in 1991.

Dina’s life long studies in the healing arts also include certification in Integrative Yoga Therapy and as a yoga instructor. Throughout her years of formal studies, Dina pursued the spiritual path of Insight Meditation with the world-renowned teacher Ruth Denison. Her practice and connection with Ruth continues to this day. In 1996 Ruth endorsed Dina as a teacher of the Dharma.

In her practice Dina weaves the warmth, joy, and freedom of the feminine with classical training in the Arts, BodyMind therapies, Kabbalah (Jewish mysticism), Buddhism, Dance, and Yoga. Dina offers her years of experience in leading people into soulful transformation through the creative, spiritual healing process.

Dina views her work as an ongoing journey of “Touching Inner Source and dwelling in the sanctuary of the heart”


2 Responses to “Dina Kushnir”

  1. 1 kate bean December 18, 2010 at 9:25 pm

    dina dear\\\how are you? doing well i hope!!!

    Doug and i are still in honduras, high in the western hills with the cowboys & Indians. i have been running plumbing and electrical lines to our new bath house, which will double as a yoga space. on occasion i teach a yoga class to the Peace Corps girl who lives down the hill.

    Oh, it’s been a lo0ooong time hasn’t it! let me know how you are doing and how are Tamar and Ted and the kids? Give Johi a big hug for me.
    love and kisses kate

  2. 2 רות דורית יעקובי February 16, 2012 at 4:50 pm

    דינה היקרה,
    שומרת זיכרון נפלא מהביקור המרגש.
    אשמח להיות איתך בקשר.
    אם תוכלי לשלוח לי את האימייל והטלפון שלך.
    אשמח לדבר איתך,
    רות דורית יעקובי

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