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A vision quest to dream the Sacred Feminine: A transformational journey

                                                      April 6-8 2018

                                        Olive Oasis Catskill Mountains NY

 In a time of great upheaval a new vision has to be birthed, a dream of a new reality out of confusion and distraction. We women are the leaders of our world. We are co creators with the Divine. Let us gather the fragments and weave a tapestry of our collective Hearts’ Vision. Let us weave back the Sacred Feminine and follow Her fierce guidance.

  • Weave our energy with the energy of Nature and the Earth, to become embodied again 
  • Weave our gifts to create the tapestry of offerings, together making powerful impact
  • Weave understanding of the “dark night of the soul” as gifts of spiritual initiation
  • Weave our personal vision to become the collective Sacred Feminine Vision
  • Weave the Sacred Feminine back to our life, we become the change we want see in the world

Come share this journey with a community of women in a safe and nurturing environment. Bring your voice, your gifts and your sincere and honest desire for a new reality, a new vision for your life and the life our humanity.

DINA KUSHNIR, a spiritual healer and teacher whose work embodies the energy ofThe Divine Mother. Dina will share her insights and clairvoyance skills to guide this retreat. This is the first weekend in a series of 4 weekends that can be taken by alon or be taken as a series.

WHERE:             Olive Oasis, Shokan, NY in the Catskill Mountains

COST:            $400 shared room

BRING:            Vegetarian food to share, sleeping bag (if you have), hiking shoes and a personal Object that symbolize the Divine Mother

CONTACT:            Dina Kushnir       (914) 924-1145

TIME:         Friday at around 5:30 p.m. till Sunday around 4:00PM


Place is limited to 12 women



Soft Returning

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle.

The other is as if everything is a miracle.” Albert Einstein

We are at the time of season transition from summer to fall, at the time of the descent into darkness after the Fall Equinox. How this transition expresses itself in YOU and in your life? I am offering you my reflections of this powerful time of inward returning.

It is a time we remember Motherhood, Divine Mother and Mother Earth. I will follow this reflection using the Jewish High Holidays stories. Those stories are metaphors to life’s cycles expressed in our personal life and the Life of Nature around us.

At the beginning of day One (Rosh Hashanah) we read about three Mothers, Sara, Hagar and Hanna (Mothers that in their dark wombs life starts) through their stories (from the Sacred Text) we meet desperation and renewed hope, Motherless and Motherhood.

The first story is the story of Sara, Abraham’s wife is a childless wife and at the old age of 90 “God” remembered his promise to her and she conceived her son Isaac (a “father of nation”).

The second story is about the “other wife” of Abraham “Hagar” that was sent to the desert with her child Ishmael (another “father of nation”) and was about to die, with Water was found with an intervention of “God”; Mother and Child were saved and thrived.

The third story of Hanna, a bitter childless wife grieving and praying for a child and promised that if she will conceive and have a son she will dedicate that child to the service of “God”. She conceived the prophet Samuel that was a priest in the service of “God” and the Nation of Israel all his life.

Those three mothers stories are telling us something of the mysteries of new life, of new beginning in a form of either conception against all odds in old age and barren wombs or “found water” in a dry desert land. It tells us about life’s miracles at the out most beginning when all hope is lost at life’s end and of a new dawn rising, a new life is coming forth. Motherhood won again life sprouts and goes forward.

At this time of a year at the end of summer when the process of descending into darkness starts and Nature starts to withdraw her energy inward and showing signs of withering and death. At these time we have to remember the promise of a new life, we have to recall the Cycle.

Down deep in Mother Earth the Secret of new life is “remembered”, in the dark warm womb the “water of Life” holding the mystery of cycles of life. Like Sara, “The Mother”, the miracle of new life was remembered at the end of time when it was almost lost. As with Hagar when she moved away not to witness her child’s death, the promised of life, the “water” of life appeared almost at the point of no return.

Mother Earth and her cycles are reflected and live deeply in our own organism’s cycles, there is no separation of Her Cycle and ours. We are living breathing Her Cycles. If we are conscious of the outside rhythm of Nature we are able to live the waves of coming and going with grace other then with struggle.

  • Reflect on the theme “ending” in your own life; ending of life, ending of an era, ending of a dream, ending of a stage, ending of a relationship, or anything else that feels getting to a close.
  • Feel the feeling of that ending; is it a relief, is it grief or desperation or something else that cannot be define or clear yet?
  • How does it feel in the body, does it have a sensation, color, shape, place in the body?
  • Is there a grain of hope or a glimmer of something new, or not? Is there an acceptance to rest in the darkness and wait, or not?
  • Is there any dread of the dark and the unknown?
  • Can you find your intention hidden in the dark womb of your unconscious as Divine Promise, Divine purpose, Divine Destiny?
  • Hope you can offer yourself time of calm and quiet to reflect on your intention for this year

Wishing you all a soft returning.

























Healer heals thyself!!

” Imagine all the people living life in peace…” John Lennon sang and called himself a dreamer but not the only one. Imagine the world without violence. Can we dare to dream, actively visualize and see the world in peace? A world where children of all ages are loving, creative, powerful, expressing themselves without fear, being accepting of others as they accept themselves.

Peace and non-violence is stopping the war inside our own minds and bodies. How many times a day do we beat ourselves up? How many times a day do we judge, criticize, condemn others and ourselves? Close your eyes before you continue reading and remember what act of violence you committed toward yourself the last day or two. Was anger a knife pointing to your heart? Was the killer judge pointing the finger at you wherever you felt you should do this or that or should not?

What if peace means we stop all acts of violence against ourselves? What

if war is what we have in our own minds? What if we have the power to stop that war and take the responsibility for doing just that to ourselves?

One way that I found most powerful and profound in changing self- violence into awareness and healing is self-treatment with Reiki. When using

Reiki for self-healing it creates a time for self-love a time of peace, stopping all judgments, all negative self talk. The power of the Reiki energy sharpens my

awareness. I sit quietly putting my hands on myself, the Reiki energy streaming into my body through my hands. I enjoy peaceful moments of clear thinking, moments of deep insights and visions and deep letting go.

As Reiki healers we think of others, we share the Reiki healing energy for the greater good of others and that’s wonderful, that’s what brings love and healing to our world. When it is shared with others it create harmony among the participants. But when you take time to treat yourself with your own two hands is a massage of unconditional love to that person that is you, it is an act of stopping the inner war, an act of a practice of non-violence.


The only requirement is an open heart and a willingness to transform your inner violence into peacefulness, inner separation into unity, and anger into love within your own life. It will eventually radiate to your family, friends and your environment, reducing the violence around.

It is no coincidence that Reki has been rediscovered and brought back in our day and age. We all need to reconnect with our birthright: a life free of war,

violence and fear. Life of loving touch, awareness, and peace.
Dina Kushnir, Reiki Master, Rosen practitioner and Feldenkrais teacher

offers the Path of the Priestess program in NY area.

Amazing attention, self-love and transformation

Transformation happens on its own, as change happens on its own. We do not do transformation; we can be aware and present to transformation. The heart of this transformation is the transformation of consciousness. We move from a story line that makes us captives of our circumstances, histories and genetic disposition to the realization of who we truly are. Such transformation can be achieved by redirecting attention inwards. Attention is tending and tenderness, a quality of the heart. When we pay attention we “PAY” we offer something. What do we offer? We offer the energy of the heart. As when we fall in love we are attending every move of our beloved, we notice, we are aware, we engage, we consider, we are interested; all of this which is warmth and safety not to a beloved outside but to the beloved that is in us, to our self. We give love and love gives warmth. That warmth, like the element of fire, is the agent of transformation. In the presence of love there is the feeling of safety. When the organism feels safe, it opens up and grows, blooms and shines. As we tend to ourselves with a gentle attitude, patience and awareness, we generate the energy of love; we create more love. How? Love breeds love, as humans breed humans and birds breed birds. When we consciously engage with love we open the door to more love to stream through our bodies and minds. This is the transformation from what we think we are to what we truly are, a reflection and the flow of love.

Exercise: directing attention to the reality of the body, transforming discomfort and pain to self-love. Sit or lie comfortably, create an uninterrupted 15 minutes for yourself. Start to feel your breath as its moves through the body and invite your attention to follow without interfering with it. After few minutes find a place of discomfort in the body, maybe some tension on the shoulders, or on the back, maybe you start feeling intense sensation somewhere around the knees. Find that spot and gently with your heart attention stay and breathe into that discomfort. Stay long enough to notice the changes. What is happening? What is taking place? How much patience do you have to keep bringing your gentle attention to this place? Can you stay as long as needed to love this place even if it is painful? As you are paying attention to your body, to your breath, you extend your ability to bestow love upon yourself and something happens; the breath become deeper or slower, relaxing the nervous system, the muscles release their holding, the level of hormone cortisol drops in the blood allowing the immune system to strengthen. Love and attention transform your body from tension holding to deep relaxation. The body loves the attention and it responds by creating homeostasis, a balance in the organism that creates healing. Love transforms and invites the body to use its power to heal.

Reflections: Creativity communicates in silence

”Let your mind starts a journey through a strange new world. Leave all thoughts of the world you knew before.

Let your soul take you where you long to be. Close your eyes.

Let your spirit start to soar, and you’ll live as you’ve never lived before.”

Erich Fromm

A creative mind is open to experience life fully and is able to translate it and express it in new and inventive ways. It is a mind that can see the extraordinary in the ordinary and can express creativity through action. It is resourceful, inspiring and original. A creative mind observes deeply, listens with awareness and experiences life genuinely. It is in the spaciousness of mind that these abilities can be developed and allowed to become the creative force in our life. This is done in the presence of silence. Silence creates the space to explore and observe. Silence creates the space where imagination and ingenuity can flourish.

In silence integration and deep connections are happening. All creative minds owe their inspiration to the silence behind the static noise of everyday life.

The mind of a child is creative, curious and imaginative because the child does not have concepts and fixed views about reality. For a child, a cup can be anything from a drinking device to put on her head to make a hat, a bed to put her dolls in or an experiment in gravity. She is playful and full of delight, present and alive.

Silence brings us those hidden treasures, a new way of experiencing reality, a renewal for our senses and pleasures. Without interference from preconceived notions and automatic responses the ordinary can be experienced truly as the extraordinary.

Exercise: Sit for few moments in quiet contemplation, paying attention to breath and body sensation. When thoughts resede and make space for silence, open your eyes and see your surroundings without interpretation, just seeing; what do you see? Look at anything in your surroundings that you are familiar with and look again, look at it as if it is the first time. See it through a child’s eyes; discover it with no previous concepts, with fresh eyes and no thoughts, just pure impressions.

Reflections: Listening is an act of love. The ability to hear others in silence

We live in relationship to our surroundings in ever expanding circles of relationships. From the inner circle of oneself to the intimate relationships of family and friends, an expanding circle including coworkers and neighbors, wider circles of the people who you know and so on to include your whole surrounding human and non-human connections.

The one most important and rare quality in relationship is deep listening. When there is a conversation the mind hardly hears the spoken words of others. The mind is busy planning the answer or just dreaming, or getting ready to oppose, or attack, agree or disagree, interpret an insult, judge, assess and so on. The mind is far from being present with the person who is speaking. The reactive mind is on the run.

So relationships too become a cycle of reactivity looping around the same pattern over and over again. We change partners, places of work, places of worship and neighborhoods yet we do not change the patterns of relationships to them. Unintentionally we fall prey to the same “Program”, the program that runs our life and our relationship to life, our thoughts, emotions reactions and behavior. It is the same program on the personal level as on the global level, history repeats itself.

Embracing silence in the realm of relationship we become quiet mirrors to our partners, we reflect like a deep calm lake their love, their concerns or their anger. In the lack of reactive thoughts, emotions and actions relationship can be seen naked, what truly it is: the longing for love, connection and acceptance. Deep listening in silence is an act of love. The deep reflection in the calm lake penetrates the deep water of the heart and love can be seen and felt and shine through from whatever shore you stand on.

Exercise: next time when you are talking with your friend, feel your breath; notice your partner’s breath. Notice your body; notice your partner’s body. Listen to the tone of the voice, see the facial expressions, and absorb the presence of your partner consciously. Notice your reactive mind and let it be. Just listen. How does it feel?

Reflections: Nature communicates in silence

To commune with nature we need silence to hear the tree growing, the flowers talking, the grass singing, the rocks whispering in our ears. To enjoy and feel nature we sit quietly listening to the whisper of the wind, the sounds of dew, the shapes of rocks, the voice of clouds. The space is full of whisperings. Do you hear them?

As we go into the woods or ocean shores we keep busy talking; trying to enjoy ourselves we fill the air with chatter. When we are alone in nature our mind does not stop producing thoughts that take us out of the landscape. To hear nature communicating her song we have to consciously choose to quiet the busy mind and let the heart open to the call of nature.

The sound of wind among the leaves brings us to the breath quietly breezing in and out of our body. The heat of the sun and the cool evening temperature brush the skin and mingle with the fire element in our body. As we feel the weight of our body we touch the earth’s magnetic force holding us with her gravity. The sounds of ocean waves or water rushing in a brook are synchronized with the blood flow in our veins.

We are Her (nature) and She is us,

her rhythm beating in our hearts

Who are we without the earth,

the wind the water and the sun?

Mother is calling us back home

Back to her green bosom among the trees

Her white bosom on mountains peaks

The blue water in ocean deep

Come sit, be still and listen

To the breath of the grass

The caress of the sun

The changing shapes of clouds

Come, you are invited to the feast

on ruby red, emerald green

purple sky and golden wings

All for the eyes to see.

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