A vision quest to dream the Sacred Feminine: A transformational journey

                                                      April 6-8 2018

                                        Olive Oasis Catskill Mountains NY

 In a time of great upheaval a new vision has to be birthed, a dream of a new reality out of confusion and distraction. We women are the leaders of our world. We are co creators with the Divine. Let us gather the fragments and weave a tapestry of our collective Hearts’ Vision. Let us weave back the Sacred Feminine and follow Her fierce guidance.

  • Weave our energy with the energy of Nature and the Earth, to become embodied again 
  • Weave our gifts to create the tapestry of offerings, together making powerful impact
  • Weave understanding of the “dark night of the soul” as gifts of spiritual initiation
  • Weave our personal vision to become the collective Sacred Feminine Vision
  • Weave the Sacred Feminine back to our life, we become the change we want see in the world

Come share this journey with a community of women in a safe and nurturing environment. Bring your voice, your gifts and your sincere and honest desire for a new reality, a new vision for your life and the life our humanity.

DINA KUSHNIR, a spiritual healer and teacher whose work embodies the energy ofThe Divine Mother. Dina will share her insights and clairvoyance skills to guide this retreat. This is the first weekend in a series of 4 weekends that can be taken by alon or be taken as a series.

WHERE:             Olive Oasis, Shokan, NY in the Catskill Mountains

COST:            $400 shared room

BRING:            Vegetarian food to share, sleeping bag (if you have), hiking shoes and a personal Object that symbolize the Divine Mother

CONTACT:            Dina Kushnir       (914) 924-1145       dinazohar@me.com

TIME:         Friday at around 5:30 p.m. till Sunday around 4:00PM


Place is limited to 12 women




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