Amazing attention, self-love and transformation

Transformation happens on its own, as change happens on its own. We do not do transformation; we can be aware and present to transformation. The heart of this transformation is the transformation of consciousness. We move from a story line that makes us captives of our circumstances, histories and genetic disposition to the realization of who we truly are. Such transformation can be achieved by redirecting attention inwards. Attention is tending and tenderness, a quality of the heart. When we pay attention we “PAY” we offer something. What do we offer? We offer the energy of the heart. As when we fall in love we are attending every move of our beloved, we notice, we are aware, we engage, we consider, we are interested; all of this which is warmth and safety not to a beloved outside but to the beloved that is in us, to our self. We give love and love gives warmth. That warmth, like the element of fire, is the agent of transformation. In the presence of love there is the feeling of safety. When the organism feels safe, it opens up and grows, blooms and shines. As we tend to ourselves with a gentle attitude, patience and awareness, we generate the energy of love; we create more love. How? Love breeds love, as humans breed humans and birds breed birds. When we consciously engage with love we open the door to more love to stream through our bodies and minds. This is the transformation from what we think we are to what we truly are, a reflection and the flow of love.

Exercise: directing attention to the reality of the body, transforming discomfort and pain to self-love. Sit or lie comfortably, create an uninterrupted 15 minutes for yourself. Start to feel your breath as its moves through the body and invite your attention to follow without interfering with it. After few minutes find a place of discomfort in the body, maybe some tension on the shoulders, or on the back, maybe you start feeling intense sensation somewhere around the knees. Find that spot and gently with your heart attention stay and breathe into that discomfort. Stay long enough to notice the changes. What is happening? What is taking place? How much patience do you have to keep bringing your gentle attention to this place? Can you stay as long as needed to love this place even if it is painful? As you are paying attention to your body, to your breath, you extend your ability to bestow love upon yourself and something happens; the breath become deeper or slower, relaxing the nervous system, the muscles release their holding, the level of hormone cortisol drops in the blood allowing the immune system to strengthen. Love and attention transform your body from tension holding to deep relaxation. The body loves the attention and it responds by creating homeostasis, a balance in the organism that creates healing. Love transforms and invites the body to use its power to heal.


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