Reflections: Nature communicates in silence

To commune with nature we need silence to hear the tree growing, the flowers talking, the grass singing, the rocks whispering in our ears. To enjoy and feel nature we sit quietly listening to the whisper of the wind, the sounds of dew, the shapes of rocks, the voice of clouds. The space is full of whisperings. Do you hear them?

As we go into the woods or ocean shores we keep busy talking; trying to enjoy ourselves we fill the air with chatter. When we are alone in nature our mind does not stop producing thoughts that take us out of the landscape. To hear nature communicating her song we have to consciously choose to quiet the busy mind and let the heart open to the call of nature.

The sound of wind among the leaves brings us to the breath quietly breezing in and out of our body. The heat of the sun and the cool evening temperature brush the skin and mingle with the fire element in our body. As we feel the weight of our body we touch the earth’s magnetic force holding us with her gravity. The sounds of ocean waves or water rushing in a brook are synchronized with the blood flow in our veins.

We are Her (nature) and She is us,

her rhythm beating in our hearts

Who are we without the earth,

the wind the water and the sun?

Mother is calling us back home

Back to her green bosom among the trees

Her white bosom on mountains peaks

The blue water in ocean deep

Come sit, be still and listen

To the breath of the grass

The caress of the sun

The changing shapes of clouds

Come, you are invited to the feast

on ruby red, emerald green

purple sky and golden wings

All for the eyes to see.

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